Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Piece of Shit from China

Holy shit! It's been awhile since I've posted anything here. I may be endangered of losing my 5 subscribers!

But look at this guy with his piece-of-trash "racer"! LOL.

Whenever I start feeling like shit about my life I look at this poor mutt in China, at his piece of shit car and you know what? My life isn't so bad after all!

Sure, I drive a piece of shit too. It has a broken windshield, muffler I have to rope up. The damn thing smokes oil, it has a weird attitude in second gear (but not all the time which is really freaky). The heater motor is rumbling, the radio will go out from time-to-time. It stinks, I look pathetic driving it.. but you know what?

IT STILL BEATS THE HELL OUT OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT! And if that isn't enough.. I'm not condemned to Hell trying to find a life in freak'n CHINA! HA!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reference Point

Several years ago I had the misfortune to work with these really fat women. We were crammed into a small security center monitoring crap like freezers for Marks. The Marks managers were, in many cases, total asses. Every time we'd call one of these losers to tell them their stupid freezer was taking a shit on them they act as if we called them just to rouse them out of their day dreaming of a better life.

Anyhow, these fat broads.. all heifers, would eat pizza and drink milk shakes all throughout the shift while telling me how disgusted they were in themselves for looking like buffaloes. They should have seen what I had to look at for eight hours a day!

Eight freak'n hours of this crap can seriously warp a man's mind! I use to run home to look at porn so that I could remember what the hell a woman is suppose to look like!

So here you go guys (and any freaky women reading this) here is what the hell a woman is SUPPOSE to look like.. just in case you're dating, or God forbid, are married to a buffalo.

You're welcomed.